Trying New Methods For This Spirea Hanging Installation

A spirea hanging installation by Gather Floral
A spirea hanging installation by Gather Floral

The key to holding a creative job is embracing inspiration when it comes and waiting patiently when it hides. Inspiration always comes around when it needs to, peeking sheepishly around a corner as if to say, “sorry I was away for a moment, but I knew you didn’t need me yet.” Then rushing in all at once, a blessed flood to cure a creative drought. 

Everything in my work forces me gently to embrace these ebbs and flows. There are seasons for observing and seasons for making art worth being observed. There are seasons for trying new styles, and seasons for returning to well-loved tools and broken-in techniques. And there are seasons when most of my creative energy is being poured bountifully into client work, with little left for personal projects. But even in those busy months, I savor the pockets of space left for spontaneity. 

One of my favorite nudges back towards new inspiration is leftover material. Sometimes there are extra blooms after the rush of prepping wedding flowers has wrapped. Whenever that happens, it is time to experiment, never letting materials go to waste.

This was one of those days. After a recent wedding, I was left with some extra hawthorn and spirea. I tried out new mechanics for a hanging installation, using bundled curly willow as my structure instead of chicken wire. I also threw together a last minute bouquet of sweet pea and fritillaria. Simplicity always speaks to me, so I enjoyed creating this two-ingredient bouquet style. 

Thankfully some other local creatives felt inspired too, and we gathered for this last-minute styled shoot. It was nice for us all to create for the sake of creating, and spend the afternoon lending our talents to each other.

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A spirea hanging installation by Gather Floral
A spirea hanging installation by Gather Floral

Floral Design – Gather Floral

Photographer – Alora Lani Photography

Studio – White Space Studios

Model – Burghandy Turley

Dress – Taylar Made