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Gather Floral is a design studio led by Sydnee Lund, curating intentional designs for weddings and other gatherings. Having both lived in the Utah mountains and (currently) on the coastline of southern California, Sydnee is heavily influenced by nature, collecting inspiration from the natural settings around her to create an organic style of floristry focused on color and texture. 


Sydnee believes in crafting designs that are a reflection of the environment around us, and an extension of those who she creates for. She takes an organic approach to floral artistry, composing pieces that are authentic to each event and individual, with inspiration heavily drawn from the natural world and shifting seasons. Through foraging and utilizing locally grown material in each arrangement, her florals evoke a hand gathered feeling that compliment and elevate its surrounding landscape. Sydnee works collaboratively with her clients to turn a simple idea into a uniquely executed vision, with arrangements that reflect the stories of who she is designing for. 


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