Auburn: An Autumn Inspired Floral Design Workshop

Workshops and mentorships are the best way to improve your floral design craft. There you can get individualized instruction, helpful feedback, and realistic hands-on practice. All of which is focused on the style of work you want to specialize in.

For floral designers whose work leans natural, whimsical, and artistic, I host multiple education opportunities. First are 1:1 mentorships, where we spend the afternoon creating whatever type of arrangements or installations you want more practice with. Every session also includes a styled professional shoot of the work you complete. That way you have images to elevate your portfolio and attract your dream clients. The benefits of a 1:1 session are both practical and inspirational. I have watched many designers complete our afternoon together full of fresh ideas, with renewed excitement for their business. 

The same is true for the next education option – group workshops. For the Auburn Workshop highlighted here, I partnered with other local Utah florists – Bree of Lin Floral Co and Meg of Harvest Floral Co. We each brought our eye for design and our unique takes on an organic floral style. Read more about each of the hosts, and our focuses during our Auburn Workshop, below.

Auburn: A Utah Floral Design Workshop With Gather Floral
Auburn: A Utah Floral Design Workshop With Gather Floral

The Hosts

Having multiple hosts for Auburn meant we could each give our own perspectives and go-to tips. It also meant each attendee felt focused on and assisted, even while working beside 10 other designers. 

It was important to the other hosts and I that, during the Auburn Workshop, we used all locally grown flowers from Utah farmers. Values like this are ones I infuse into my work as much as possible. It is also a reason many floral designers gravitate to my workshops and mentorships. My goal is not only to help you learn practical floral skills. Though learning the mechanics of larger installations, how to cut down time, and gathering experience are certainly outcomes. My focus is on helping you uncover the style of design that brings you life. I specialize in a wild and organic style because, for me, being led by the natural form of plants is the great joy of floral work. Style can be transformative, color stories can be invigorating. And my hope is for my workshops to be so as well. 

For the Auburn Workshop, each host taught a portion of the day. Bree taught a bouquet making class, Meg an arrangement class, and I covered the installation training. When we decided I would be teaching the installations portion of Auburn, I immediately knew I wanted to do a growing meadow! After delving into design principles and tips for this type of install, each attendee took on their own floor piece. I love how it all blended together despite being built by 10 different hands.

Auburn: A Utah Floral Design Workshop With Gather Floral

The Designers

During a group floral design workshop, it is a joy to see how everyone translates the training into their own unique arrangements. As you can see below, there ends up being quite a range of designs. But all of them were built on newfound knowledge of mechanics, shape, and color story. Every floral designer was able to absorb the principles taught and transform them into their own style. But an enhanced and uplifted version of their style, which will improve their portfolio.

Scroll down to see how each attendee’s style impacted their creations, even when working from the same batch of flowers.

If you are interested in a 1:1 mentorship or floral design workshop, click here or follow me on Instagram. I post openings there for individual spots and upcoming events. I want to help you amplify your personal style and improve your technical floral design skills. One recent mentee said she can’t stop smiling since her session, and that she was pushed out of her comfort zone in all the needed ways. I would love for you to experience that too!  

Auburn: A Utah Floral Design Workshop With Gather Floral
Auburn: A Utah Floral Design Workshop With Gather Floral
Auburn: A Utah Floral Design Workshop With Gather Floral
Auburn: A Utah Floral Design Workshop With Gather Floral

Other Vendors From This Utah Floral Design Workshop

Cohosts – Gather Floral, Lin Floral Co + Harvest Floral Company

Photography – Kate Osborne + Tacy Liz

Model – Tiffany Higuchi

Dress Design – Audrey Bea 

Handmade Backdrop – Jessica Raye Dekker

Studio – Studio 1918